A Comparative Analysis between Thai massage & Swedish Massage

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A Comparative Analysis between Thai massage & Swedish Massage

Massage is a good way of relaxing and getting rejuvenated. It has been practiced since time immemorial. Today you could choose from numerous massage therapy styles that boast of a broad spectrum of movements, pressures, and techniques. All massage therapies involve rubbing, pressing or even manipulating muscles, as well as, soft tissues using fingers and hands. On some occasions, even elbows, forearms or even feet are used.

Today numerous people are increasingly becoming aware of the health benefits associated with massage. They choose a massage style for healing injuries or getting relief from symptoms. Massage is effective for promoting overall wellness. If you are thinking of getting a massage done but contemplating whether to opt for Thai or Swedish massage here we present information that you could use to make the final choice.

Thai Massage

A Thai massage involves the therapist using his body for moving clients into a number of positions. This kind of massage is all about the mobilization of joints, compression of muscles and acupressure. This could be immensely relaxing and rejuvenating. It could spontaneously uplift your mood. You could choose the best Thai massage Melbourne for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage involves long, supple, kneading strokes and also recurring and light tapping strokes on the uppermost layers of muscles. This is usually in conjugation with the mobility of the joints. Swedish massage could be energising and relaxing as it eases muscle tension.

Swedish massage vs. Thai Massage

Thai massage and Swedish massage are two different types of massage therapies having different techniques and distinctive philosophies. Thai massage is an Eastern modality while Swedish massage is Western.

Thai massage is great for stimulating acupressure points along the energy lines thus; it provides effective relief in case of muscle tightness. Thai massage is immensely helpful in stretching and loosening tightened muscles for releasing tension and relieving joints. Thai massage is truly relaxing and leaves you completely revitalized and rejuvenated. It uses the super-effective technique of blocking and then releasing the flow of blood simply by application of pressure to the areas exactly where arms and legs meet the torso. This is done only for about 30 seconds and really boosts circulation.

Swedish massage is also, quite popular and pretty relaxing. It uses five important principles or techniques such as kneading, rubbing, stroking & gliding, pounding and shaking. These techniques are basically based on Western physiology and anatomy and they aim at attaining not only relaxing but healing effects.

Swedish massage usually is done using essential oils according to the client’s specific skin type. The client needs to undress and lie down flat on her tummy on a massage table. Swedish massage necessitates privacy. However, Thai massage can be done even if the client is fully dressed and there is absolutely no need for any oil what-so-ever. Usually, a Thai massage is given with the client lying down on a nice floor mat.

In a Swedish massage, the client must lie on his tummy or the back mostly but too much physical flexibility is just not possible. However, in a Thai massage therapy, the client needs to lie down flat not only on her tummy or back but also on her sides. She would also require sitting up during the massage session. Thai massage is not only rejuvenating and relaxing; it is certainly more demanding physically and necessitates more flexibility.