Why Is Thai Massage So Popular?

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Why Is Thai Massage So Popular?

It’s particularly difficult to understand what sort of massage you want to go for and whether it will be beneficial for you. A good massage from a trained masseuse can do wonders for your body and mind, but there is a number of specialized, targeted massages for specific relief that you will need to know about. Thai massage is one of the most popular therapies today and combines a number of techniques including yoga and acupressure to come up with a holistic treatment. Here are some reasons why you should consider traditional Thai massage in Melbourne at any reputed spa or clinic for your next massage session.

Tremendous Stretching

The martial art of Muay Thai has always been linked to traditional Thai massage and for good reason. Traditional Thai massage is a robust technique that involves a fair amount of intensive stretching to make limbs limber, relieve tension stuck deep in the muscle and allow the body to return to its natural state, so as to prepare the individual for athletic performance or otherwise.

Drastically Improved Mental Wellness

Massages have always been intensely relaxing for the body and mind, and Thai massage is no different. By releasing stress from the muscles, it brings your body to a much more relaxed state and ensures that you are able to leave behind the pressures of daily life and fall into a meditation-like trance during the session, and are entirely at peace after. Thai massage Melbourne sessions are not particularly long and can be slipped into your schedule as per your convenience.

Boost to Circulation

Thai massage releases and directs energy through the body’s pathways, thus providing a boost to blood circulation and increasing the oxygen content in the blood. It also employs acupressure to reduce migraines and the like as well and there is plenty of anecdotal as well as experimental evidence towards the same.

Relief from Pain

If you suffer from osteoarthritis, scapula costal syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome and the likes, traditional Thai massage is able to alleviate pain after a single session itself and becomes a lot more potent after a few sessions. Head over to a Thai massage centre in Melbourne to experience these benefits for yourself.

Effective Behavioural Treatment for Children with Autism

It is a known fact that autistic children suffer from a lot more stress and anxiety. Repeated Thai massage sessions have been seen to render a significant improvement in their behaviour so that they can live better lives.

Reconfigure the Brain

The brain’s delta waves are closely associated with sleep and deep rest. Thai massage therapies increase the frequency of these delta waves, thus inducing a restful state. Depending on the stage of the massage, the relaxing delta and theta waves or the active beta and alpha waves could be stimulated.

Reduced Cortisol

Cortisol is the body’s stress hormone, which induces panic, irritability, and anger too. One of the main perks of Thai massage is that it boosts the body’s serotonin production and also curbs the production of cortisol. Serotonin is the “happy hormone”, and it boosts positivity and happiness, allowing you to do everything you do with a spring in your step.