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Our Prices

Full Body Massages

Traditional Thai massage • Relaxation • Foot Spa • Deep Tissue • Remedial • Head, neck, shoulders & back • Reflexology (Foot massage)
*Loyalty Card Program: Do 60mins or longer & on your 6th visit do 60mins but only pay for 30mins price
**L/C = Can use with Loyalty Card Program
***NO L/C = Cannot use with Loyalty Card Program

Time Card Price L/C
Cash Price L/C Cash Price NO L/C
30 mins $44.00 $39.00 n/a
40 mins $54.00 $49.00 n/a
50 mins $64.00 $59.00 n/a
60 mins $74.00 $69.00 $65.00
75 mins $89.00 $84.00 $80.00
90 mins $104.00 $99.00 $95.00
120 mins $134.00 $129.00 $125.00

Short Massages

Massages in just 10 mins (No Oils) Price
Head Massage $17.00
Neck Massage
Shoulder Massage
Massages in just 15 mins Price
Head & Neck $ 22.00
Neck & Shoulders
Hands & Forearms
Massages in just 20 mins Price
Head, Neck, Shoulders $27.00
Reflexology (Foot Massage)

Our short massages are great for people on the go and with limited time. May it be you need some relief during your work break to loosen those tight knots you developed during your stressful day or just so you can relax and get a good nights sleep after your busy day.




Phonklai Package 1

Massage of your choice with warm coconut oil and Reflexology Foot Massage.

Finishing with a full body L’Occitane moisturizer.

Time Price
90 mins $ 129.00
2 Hours $ 170.00
2.5 Hours $ 215.00
3 Hours $ 259.00

Phonklai Package 2

Massage of your choice using L’Occitane oil.

L’Occitane full body exfoliation.

L’Occitane full body moisturizer

Time Price
90 mins $ 145.00
2 Hours $ 190.00
2.5 Hours $ 235.00
3 Hours $ 280.00


We encourage you to communicate with your masseur for what sort of treatment you would like. Please tell the masseur if you would like more or less pressure as every customer is different. We are more than happy to cater to your needs.

When Arriving

Here at Phonklai Massage we try our very best to run on time and not have you waiting around. If we are running late we will always endeavor to call you to let you know. When arriving for your appointment we kindly suggest if you could arrive 5 mins before your appointment time just in case you have any questions or requests.

Payment Options

We accept cash, EFTPOS or credit card. A 2% surcharge on all credit cards applies when paying more than $100. (There is no surcharge for cheque or savings) American Express is not accepted.

“Take advantage of our $5 discount when paying cash for 30mins or longer”


Bookings can be made for as little as 15min. On weekends or public holidays for booking longer than 90min for 2 people (Total of 3hrs) there is a 50% deposit required to be made at the time of the booking. This can be made by credit card over the phone and the surcharge of 2% will be waved.


Here at Phonklai Massage we are very busy serving customers from 10am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and 11am to 9pm on Sundays. 12hrs notice is required for cancellation of bookings and cancellations are to be made by phone during operating hours or by email after our operating hours. Failure to do so when booking with a gift voucher will result in 50% of the value/Time being deducted. Deposits made prior to bookings will not be refunded.

Non attendance for bookings using gift vouchers will result in the gift voucher being canceled/Void.