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Enjoy a little “YOU” time. Everyone will benefit from you feeling better.

A lot of us forget to take time out for ourselves. Massage is a great way to step away from the stresses of life and get your body back on track. Give your self a little “YOU” time and emerge rejuvenated  and refreshed. The right massage can give you a reset to get you back into the daily grind & function better which benefits everyone.

Here at PhonKlai Thai massage our therapists strive to make you feel better & can help you recover from any injuries you have. PhonKlai Thai Massage has been helping people for over 10 years now & with a lot of clients that used to go to chiropractors, physiotherapists & Osteopaths NOW come to PhonKlai for there regular treatments as they say its a lot more beneficial and a lot better value for money.

PhonKlai’ is an ancient Thai word that means “RELAX”. So make a booking today & start feeling better.

We offer a variety of de-stressing and therapeutic massage and spa treatments – both in the traditional style as well as specifically designed condensed sessions starting from 10 minutes to 2 hours, to make it easier for you to zero in on what would work the best for you and the time you have. So now, time can never come in the way of indulging yourself.

Apart from the regular treatments, we offer authentic and the best Thai massage therapies in Toorak, Melbourne. The Traditional style Thai massage has become a globally popular massage therapy used to relax muscles, improve the body’s flexibility and movement of joints. This is different from other therapies as it is a dry massage therapy that doesn’t entail the use of any lotions / oils, thus making it suitable for all skin types. But we also have a Traditional Thai combination treatment which includes both Thai massage and oil massage which is hugely popular.