The Amazing World of Traditional Thai Massage

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The Amazing World of Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage is one of the most popular and widely practiced massage techniques today. It is invigorating, puts your body through a number of motions, incorporating the best of acupressure and yoga to get optimum results. Any experienced Thai massage therapist in Melbourne will make use of several parts of their body from their hands to their knees, legs, and feet to apply pressure to various points and stretch you out. The massage is relaxing and energizing all at once and is great for your body. It improves flexibility and range of motion and boosts energy, health, and well-being.

You should definitely seek out a good Thai massage spa in Melbourne if you’ve been dissatisfied with standard deep tissue massages so far or are looking for a massage to boost your spirits. It is best if you aren’t too ticklish or shy, though.

Problems Targeted by Thai Massage

Thai massage works wonders for those who have shoulder pains, blocked neck or back, or strains in their knees and ankles. It helps in treating pain in joints, releasing tense muscles, treating tired feet, strengthening the immune system and correcting blood flow. While it is a great corrective measure, regular sessions work equally well when it comes to prevention.

What to Do After Thai Massage

It is vital that you drink large amounts of water after your traditional Thai massage sessions not only because hydration is important for good circulation and functioning but also so that the toxins released by the massage get a way to leave your body. Plenty of rest in your bed, a spa or a sauna would be ideal.

Who Is Thai Massage for?

Thai massage is very inclusive, and is for everyone, no matter how old they are. Experienced and qualified masseuses know that they must factor in the age and special conditions of each client to alter the therapy such that they are able to get the best results out of it. In general, though, since it is a moderately intense massage, it is advised that senior citizens and young children stick to aroma oil massages.

Thai Massages and Pregnancy

There is a stigma around massages during pregnancy based on several misconceptions and misinformation regarding the health of women and their children. Prenatal Thai massage is not only perfectly fine but also incredibly beneficial. Normal Thai massage can be administered without any hindrances in the first three months of pregnancy. From the fourth to the eighth month, the mother must receive only pre-natal massages. These will relax their muscles, allow them to sleep deeper and longer, and respond to stress better. It further improves the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the unborn foetus.

Thai massage is intensely relaxing and rather fun. You could go for massage sessions with your favourite Thai massage masseuse in Melbourne, as often as, you want without any inhibitions. Whether you want to correct a physical condition or simply prevent future health problems, it is perfectly fine for you to have a session once or twice a month. It relieves the neck muscles, prevents headaches and improves flexibility and circulation. If you suffer from serious mobility issues and pain, you should probably go for massages more frequently.