Thai Massage – Key Benefits and Interesting Facts about the Therapy

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Thai Massage – Key Benefits and Interesting Facts about the Therapy

Due to your daily engagements, you often forget to dedicate time to yourself. To devote some time for yourself you must visit a reputed spa in Windsor for Thai massage. Thai massage has gained a lot of popularity because of its numerous benefits. An authentic Thai massage can give you complete rejuvenation and relaxation. Hence, to give full care to your mind and body, opt for Thai massage from time-to-time.

In this blog, I am going to discuss with you some benefits and certain facts about Thai massage, so that you can know more about this useful therapy.

Few Benefits of Thai Massage

  • It is very helpful in strengthening the joints and can treat chronic joint issues like, arthritis and back pain.
  • Thai massage improves the flexibility and the mobility of muscles.
  • It is also beneficial in enhancing the alignment, as well as the postures of the body.
  • Thai massage improves blood circulation and, thus, helps in controlling the blood pressure.
  • It is also useful in detoxifying the body, so that the immune system can function in a better manner.
  • It helps in improving the respiration and the breathing issues.
  • Thai massage also boosts the energy levels of a person.
  • It helps in reducing anxiety and stress, and helps in calming the senses.

Some Interesting Facts about Thai Massage

  • Thai massage is often referred to as Thai yoga massage because it combines yoga postures, principles of Indian Ayurveda and acupressure. Thai massage done in spas around Windsor is a kind of yoga, performed by a therapist, while you lay completely passive on a mat or table.
  • Thai massage is a type of ancient massage, which has been passed down generations. This yoga-type massage has been popular over centuries.
  • Thai massage is right option for you, if you want to remain fully-clothed while a therapist does the massage. This is possible because no oil is applied on the receiver’s bare body during this massage. However, you must always visit a Thai spa in loose and comfortable clothes, so that movements are easy and free.
  • Chivaka Komarapats, who was well-known as the private doctor of Buddha is recognized as the inventor of the Thai massage. He was blessed with exceptional skills in medicine and treated his patients efficiently.
  • Traditionally, a recipient had to lie down on a firm mat or mattress on the floor for Thai massage. However, nowadays, you can choose to lie on any standard massage table for this massage.
  • The concept behind Thai massage says that air travels in our body through 72,000 ways, known as ‘sen’. By stretching, pulling, rocking and compressing the body, a therapist manipulates these pathways in your body, and keeps you healthy.

So, visit a renowned spa for Thai massage in Windsor to get benefitted from this therapy. These facts about the massage must have revealed to you how necessary it is to maintain a healthy mind and body in the stressful 21st century.